Manmeet Singh Bedi

Founder & CEO

Performance and results‐driven Senior Executive, with nearly 30 years of global experience in accelerating business growth and delivering financial results for strategic projects, in markets across, USA, Europe, Middle East, Canada, Russia, Australia, and India. A strategic thought leader with a record of leveraging hands‐on programs and operations‐management as well as client service expertise to deliver innovative & focused approaches, with mission critical strategy planning. Strong business consulting and senior leadership background, with proven success in aligning tactical operations with strategic long‐term business goals, by working across multicultural teams and organizations such as Tata’s and Franklin Templeton.

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Balram brings over 20 years of experience in Capital Mergers & Acquisitions and Legal-Commercial Risk Management. Having spent substantive part of his career in with great engagement ownership combined with strong corporate values, Balram complements our team in many ways with unique background of investment experience and transformational corporate leadership. Business-focused General Counsel with specialisation in Energy, Renewable Energy, ICT, Asset Management and Transportation industries. Extensive M&A, finance, compliance, international expansion, data privacy, Investment Banking, Private Equity, Financial Products, venture capital, and corporate restructuring. He has been associated with startups as mentor and advisor and has been working with corporates, advising government institutions, concessionaires, project companies, developers, contractors, consultants, and financial institutions. Lead multi-national, multi-lingual teams in the Middle East and Asia. Balram advises us on Legal-Commercial Risk Mitigation and Funding.

Balram Suguna

Strategic Advisor

Kapil Agnihotri

SVP – Asia

Kapil Agnihotri has over 16 years of extensive experience in implementing and executing strategic initiatives, in areas across Business Development, Project Management, Strategy Consulting and services. Kapil has been associated with Corporate and academic industry in leadership roles, which includes, ISB, Jyoti Structures, University of Missouri and Prothious Engineering Services.

He holds MS in engineering from University of Missouri USA and MBA in Finance & strategy from NMIMS, Mumbai.​